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Todd's gonna give it to ya
Kelsey chet ubetcha
who needs integrity when you have an infinite supply of fallout 76
cat None smiles
Scuzzy Beta Chaos Queen
iN008 Thread is still open smh
iN008 Thread is still open smh
Inky sketchy
the real E3 2019 was the friends we made along the way
Psi fabulous emoji
E3 so far has mainly been trailers for games with CG animation with very little gameplay
Psi fabulous emoji
oh my god
calls gamestop hey do you have battletoads
Badassiel 16-year old gamer
i used to follow a couple of tasteful bdsm blogs
Kelsey Chad Feldheimer
fuck off with your anti ps4 propaganda, where else would you be able to experience revolutionary gameplay that games such as horizon zero dawn offers
Badassiel Mom of cats and you fucks
you forgot (Gamer)
iN008 queercrime
Corn is the new Jlun
iN008 queercrime
iN008 queercrime
@Scuzzy Beta
to whatever kid at my primary school that stole my mewtwo card.... fuck you!
cat runescape
battle royale gamers (BRG)
burthorpe games room (BGR)
cat runescape
the only reason melee players win games is because they outstink their opponent
Scuzzy Beta Awoo 56709

Scuzzy Beta Awoo 56709
iN008 Awoo 56709
there i fixed it
a beautiful chin for the chad
Inky Lunar Eggnog
people arent allowed to have fun with it if i dont approve
Winicrow Adamant Wini
endermen are chris chen (plural of chris chan)
Winicrow Adamant Wini
iN008 Just Eat: Order takeaway online
this is fine
Winicrow Roman
@brutalmoose: finally a reason to live
coel: finally legs
Kelsey Chelsea
can confirm, my brother is also eating fuck right now
Winicrow The Water Wini
Oh man im real hype for that REGULAR MAN FIGURE
Kelsey Chelsea
funko pop, coming to a fandom near you
iN008 iN
scuzzy beta unearths the nickelodean time capsule after resurfacing from a bunker
Inky Tapris
Real winner here is RAGE
Scuzzy Beta Augustus
@Corn @iN008 @Kelsey
With the latter half of an afternoon and input from these fine gentlemen we have created the perfect list
i summon a massive fucking castle
iN008 iN
Kelsey Gay Wiki Baby 👶
>human larva
thats called a child you degenerate
friendship ended with sony
now nintendo and xbox are my best friends
Kelsey Gay Wiki Baby 👶
Kelsey Gay Wiki Baby 👶
"What is this weeb shit" - Weeb 2018
iN008 iN
Battleborn battle royale
Kelsey Kelsey (dm for pics)
i have the power of god and anime on my side
Scuzzy Beta Nostalgia Critic
Scuzzy Beta ꜱᴄᴜᴢᴢʏ ʙᴇᴛᴀ
Tom Nook has been found dead in Miami
Psi ψ
it's too late for me
I pyut the sword up mah butt.